Your partner for compressed air system solutions

Kaeser Kompressoren is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and providers of compressed air products and services. Established in 1919.

Bhatia Brothers FZE –  Industrial Supply Division is the Authorized sales and service distributor of Kaeser for UAE.

  • From the workshop to industrial plants, from the mine to the petroleum refinery: More and more customers throughout the world rely on Kaeser quality compressed air systems “Made in Germany
  • Exceptional energy balance true to the KAESER motto of “More air, more savings…”
  • Time-saving maintenance and operation
  • Exceptional material quality and durability
  • Whether for the semiconductor, food or automotive industries: our two-stage, oil-free compression rotary screw compressors tirelessly prove that process-sure purity and efficiency do indeed go hand in hand – even in extreme conditions.
  • Uncompromising efficiency – Efficient compression with “Ultracoat”
  • Service-friendly design – Maximum machine availability, minimal inspection time
  • Ideal for fluctuating air demand.
  • The optimal duty cycle for reciprocating compressors is between 60 and 70 %. As such, they’re the best choice for high-fluctuation operation with load peaks – especially for trades, workshops and small industry.
  • When used as boosters, reciprocating compressors can augment existing system pressure, raising it to 45 bar in specific locations.
  • Quiet, yet phenomenally powerful – from vacuum to low-pressure operation
    Low-maintenance, quiet and efficient, Kaeser blowers generate compressed air for a wide range of different applications:
  • Pneumatic conveying of bulk materials
  • Water management – e.g. for sedimentation tank aeration and filter flushing
  • Process and cooling air for industrial purposes
  • Mobile applications – e.g. mixing, tanker and suction vehicles

Treatment components give no quarter to dirt and corrosion.
Water, oil, dust: Kaeser offers a complete product portfolio for combating the enemies of your compressed air application – one which makes no compromises when it comes to dry and pure air – from straightforward construction site use to highly complex electronics production:
• for high product quality
• for faultless and low-maintenance processes
• for regular sewage system disposal of your condensate
Your advantages: High process reliability and optimal cost-efficiency with systems that pay for themselves more quickly thanks to faultless operation over the long-term.

The control centre for your compressed air supply and key technology for Industrie 4.0

• The SIGMA CONTROL 2 (local intelligence) and SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0 (central intelligence) controllers ensure efficient interplay between all components in your compressed air system. This is where you can achieve the biggest energy savings. The capabilities of an intelligent computer are needed to perform such a complex task. Its tasks:
• Ongoing reduction of energy consumption throughout the entire life cycle of the system (simulation-based calculation of the most efficient operation scenario)
• Control of individual components within a station
• Compressed air and compressed air cost management
• Communication between a wide range of system component

Storage media and distribution and pressure maintenance systems are key components of any compressed air station. Efficient operation is assured only if network pressure is stable at all points and if the compressed air quality is high.
The Kaeser advantages:
Long operational life thanks to exceptional production quality
Reduced costs due to maintenance- and operator-friendly design
Optimal compatibility and installation variability
• Individual consultation and a global service network
• Air receivers
• Air main charging systems

Vertical or horizontal air storage – up to 50 bar