Technical Parts Company was established in 1975 in Al Ain with clear vision of serving the potential market with dedication and sincere efforts of maintaining quality and assurance of customer satisfaction with all our expertise. Our focus revolves on market requirement and we maintain our stock availability to the optimum level. Our global import of goods has diversified product range to satisfy all the needs and wants of our customers.

We are agents for variety type of products ranging from fasteners to machinery and equipment. Our products are approved by consultants, in the country as well as other GCC countries. We have 14 branches spread all over U.A.E and have branches in Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, India, U.K, and Singapore.

Our group strength comprises qualified engineers and highly experienced and skilled sales force. In terms of service and supply of goods we provide the best infrastructure and quick delivery solution. Flexible approaches with most competitive price with quality products under warranty and guarantee.

We have comprehensive product range to serve different industry segment like contractors, Fabricators, Machine Shops, Automotive industry, Pre-cast Industry, Food industry, Hospitality sector, Leisure wings like Malls and other tourist hub, Traders and End Users.


Technical Parts Company-Al Ain P.O. Box: 1369 AL AIN – United Arab Emirates Tel: +9713 7212138 Fax: +9713 7220087


Product Segment:

Industrial Retail