Stegron has amassed over 40 years in experience with chemical solutions that address the day on-site problems facing professional and DIY users. Our foundation has been build upon supporting the full range of industrial users and specialty segments such as the automotive aftermarket. Stegron Specialty Chemicals are sold via our technical trade consultants. This is our commitment to offering you the tailored advice according to your needs. Through countless initiatives we are always increasing the value offered to our clients. At Stegron, turning a problem into a solution is our foundation.


Stegron is a global solutions provider and manufacturer for speciality technical chemical products formulated for MRO, Welding, DIY, Automotive Car Care and Consumer segments.

A unique, bio-based, heavy duty degreaser that is extremely effective for dissolving and removing grease, lubricants, and contaminants without requiring water wash off and without leaving a residue.

Stegroninc Food Degreaser offers next-generation high performance cleaning technology that is pH neutral, safe on surfaces, users and the environment. 

Effectively removes contaminants to increase operating efficiency of energized electrical equipment. It evaporates quickly, leaves no residue and has no flash or fire point.