The Clean Air Company, A Swedish environmental technology company

Nederman celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2019. From the very beginning, the business idea was clean air. Today, the environment and sustainability are more relevant than ever and the demands are increasing to contribute actively to more efficient production and reduced emissions in industry. The next generation of solutions for clean industrial airflows is under develment. And Nederman is at the forefront of this development. 

Our customers are adapting to this changing world – making production cleaner and more efficient, production systems more flexible and workplaces safer, applying the same high manufacturing standards wherever they operate.

Bhatia Brothers FZE – Industrial Supply Division is the Authorized sales and service distributor of Nederman for GCC Countries.

Mobile dust collectors, fume extractors and industrial vacuum cleaners that are convenient and easy to move around your workshop to wherever the extraction is needed. Nederman’s mobile filters are efficient and easy-to-use to avoid being exposed to dangerous airborne fumes and dust. Protect your workers, production and the environment.

For accessories to our mobile dust collectors and fume extractors, click here. To find the right fume extraction solution, try out our PRODUCT SELECTOR.

  • L-PAK
  • E-PAK
  • FilterBench
  • Air Purification Tower
  • Modular Filter System (MFS)
  • CCD filters
  • FilterCart
  • FilterBox
  • FlexPak
  • Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
  • Fume Eliminator
  • Fume Eliminator 24/7

Dust collectors and filtering systems for extraction and filtration of dust, combustible dust, fumes and oil mist as well as waste management. Nederman´s solutions contribute to clean air for improved working conditions, lower environmental impact, production efficiency and compliance with laws and ATEX/NFPA regulations.

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  • FlexFilter 13/18
  • FMK Filters
  • MJB-A/H/G
  • Auto-M Filter
  • SiloSafe Filter
  • Accessories Stationary Filters
  • MEP SmartFilter
  • LBP SmartFilter
  • MCP SmartFilter
  • LCP SmartFilter
  • FlexFilter
  • Oil Mist Filter FibreDrain ®
  • Filter, NOM
  • NFZ3000
  • FMC Filters
  • MJC-Mini

Nederman extraction arms and solutions for extraction of dust, exhaust and fumes directly at source protects your workers, the environment and your production from dangerous airborne fumes and dust. The arms are high performing, easy to move and use and holds its position. 

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  • Extraction Arms, Standard
  • Extraction Arms, Original
  • Extraction Arms, NEX MD
  • Extraction Arms, NEX HD
  • Extraction Arms, NEX D/DX
  • Extraction Arms, NEX S
  • Bench Top Extraction, Arms FX
  • Extraction Arms, Telescopic
  • Arms High Vacuum
  • Exhaust Reel, Spring
  • Balancer, 831
  • Exhaust Reel, Motor
  • Exhaust, Single Extractor
  • Exhaust, ALU Rail 150/250
  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Exhaust, Rail System 920
  • Magna Systems
  • Vertical Systems
  • Exhaust Nozzles
  • Bench Top Extraction, Kits
  • Accessories Capture & Extraction Units

Fans and pumps for extraction and filtration systems.

Nederman has a wide range of fans and vacuum pumps for small to high airflow volumes. Energy saving solutions for your fume extraction and filtration system as well as your vehicle exhaust extraction.

  • Fans, N-series
  • Fans, 529
  • Fans, NCF
  • VAC
  • RBU
  • Combifab-F

Durable industrial hose reels and cable reels provides easy access to air, fluid, power and network by retractable reels in aluminium or stainless steel. Get full control of vehicle fluids with our lubrication equipment and monitoring system. Nederman´s durable hose and cable reels last through decades and perform with excellence no matter the circumstances. With industrial hose reels and cable reels in your business you create a better, safer and more ergonomic workplace without the risk of having hoses and cables on the floor.

The lube range includes fluid monitoring system – Nederman Monitoring System – for complete vehicle liquid control as well as dispensers, oil and lube pumps and waste fluid equipment.

To find the right reel for you, try out our PRODUCT SELECTOR.

  • Hose Reel 888
  • Hose Reel 884
  • Hose Reel 889
  • Hose Reel 886
  • Hose Reel 893
  • Hose Reel 876
  • Hose Reel 881
  • Balancer
  • Lube Range (Hose and Cables)
  • Cable Reel C20
  • Cable Reel C30
  • Cable Reel 744
  • Cable Reel 793
  • Data Cable Reel
  • Hose Reel H20
  • Hose Reel 883
  • Hose Reel H30