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ITE Distribution is a 24-year-strong, IT distribution company headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

ITE is a value-added distributor that brings a surprisingly fresh approach to computer product distribution. ITE represents Nine internationally recognized computer accessory manufacturers. Each vendor is a technology innovator within its area of expertise offering “best of breed” products in its respective categories. Each vendor has sub-brands within its product range presenting ITE with a broad base of accessory and technology solutions to offer its resellers. ITE is strictly a wholesale distribution house focused on the sales, marketing and support of an active reseller channel comprised of several unique categories of clients; e.g. super stores, traders, assemblers, value-added resellers and small retail operations.

ITE’s Focus

The majority of our competitors are affiliated with large parent distribution houses in Europe and America that focus on moving boxes rather than on developing markets for their multiple vendors. That is not what ITE is about. ITE is purely a value-added distributor that focuses on the channel’s sell thru results, approaching our resellers as individual business partners much in the same way we work with our vendors. Because of the variety of products and breadth of unique categories of customers, ITE customizes its sales and marketing efforts to fit the needs of its clients. We are focused, adaptive and pro-active in assisting the sales and marketing activities of our channel. ITE prides itself and is recognized in the market as a strong retail-oriented distributor that presents innovative marketing concepts. We are invested in the success of our channel because their sales mean our sales. It is a mutually supportive relationship between vendor – distributor – reseller and back around.

ITE’s primary distribution regions include UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Africa.

ITE is a regional distributor for Gear4, DreamGear, Kingston, Logitech, Microsoft, Symantec, Targus and Tucano. All distribution relationships are long-standing associations. Additional vendors have been carefully selected and taken on board when the time was appropriate and the products were complementary to ITE’s current product base.

ITE’s success is based on valuable partnerships with its vendors, retailers, channel partners and its own team. We are passionate about what we do and enjoy doing it.

Head Office, Jebel Ali Free Zone, U.A.E.

Sales, marketing and administration (12,000 Square Feet of office space in the South Zone of Jebel Ali)

Jebel Ali Office, U.A.E.

Logistics and warehouse facility for export customers and Local Deliveries

  • In House Logistics system with a fleet of 12 Delivery Vans and trucks
  • Partnership with Major Logistics companies to cater to our export customers

Contact Details:

ITE Distribution PO Box: 20556, Jebel Ali South Zone Jebel Ali, UAE Tel: + 971 4 813 2400 Fax: + 971 4 886 4848



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