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Manufacturing & Fabrication

C&J GPC caters to the piping requirements of :

  • Process Plants
  • Refineries
  • Pumping Stations
  • Petro-Chemical Plants

The piping material ranged from carbon steel, low alloy and stainless steel. We have qualified well-experienced workforce to carry out pipe fabrication / pipe spooling including installation, testing and commissioning.

All piping activities are in strict adherence to international stands such as PP Standard, but not limited to, API, ASME & BS EN Standards.

With the Multiport Selector Valve it is possible to receive the flow from multiple number of oil or gas wells. It consists in one steel body with multiple incoming flow lines or inlet-ports and two outlet-ports. One of the outlets (the bigger) collects and pipes oil or gas to production and the other one (the smaller) collects and pipes to test the fluids coming from the selected well. Manual/ electric operated valve and local/remote control are the options available in design.

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We believe in providing the full gamut of services under a single umbrella. To achieve this we also offer finishing operations. These services can be offered either in-house or at-site (offershore / onshore) as per clients requirement.

  • Garnet / grit blasting of steel structures and pipes.
  • Painting of steel structures.
  • Internal and external painting of pipelines and tanks.
  • Coating services, such as hot dip galvanizing, through our associate.

We offer these services in adherence to environmental regulations.

C&J GPC is the only facility in the UAE for International Cement Lining of Pipes & Fittings.

The lining in straight pipes is applied by spinning / centrifugal method. Skilled operators / technicians carry out cement lining of configured pipe spools and fittings manually.

We also provide jointing systems for cement-lined pipes such as stubs, sleeves and jointing compounds to cater to the complete lining requirements.

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Metering skid typically include meters, piping & valves, control panels, user interfaces, skid frame.

C& J Gulf Pipe Coating and TPC Process Packages performs the design, engineering, procurement, fabrication, assembly, testing, installation and commissioning of its custom integrated metering skid involving standards like API/ISO/AGA/ASTM.

We design and build skid customized system packages to meet client requirements and ensure client satisfaction by proving continuous technical support before, during and after manufacturing.

We possess an experience of working with different types of flow meters like PD meter, Turbine meters, Orifice meters, Coriolis meters, Ultrasonic meters etc.


A fire hydrant is an active fire protection measure, and a source of water provided in most urban, areas with municipal water service to enable firefighters to tap into the municipal water supply to assist in extinguishing a fire.

  • Simple rugged construction and easy to maintain.
  • Externally sand blasted for smooth finish, painted red with electrostatic powder coating on the section above
  • The ground and double coating of black bituminous paint on the section below ground.
  • Break away design to prevent accidents to the hydrants, where only the upper part of the flange would be broke upon impact.

Pig launcher or receiver is used to introduce or retrieve pigs, spheres or inspection tools from a pipeline.


  • Pig launchers are built as per ASME section viii Div.1 ANSI B34.1/ANSI B31.8
  • Pig receiver and launcher are sand blasted and primer coated and color of your choice.
  • All welds are 100% inspected and tested
  • All pig receiver and launcher are hydrostatically tested. Full range of approved Weld Procedures Fabrication Materials include Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel

Chemical injection skids are mainly used to inject various chemicals into process piping and wells, to facilitate Well cleaning, Improved pipeline flow, Improved oil recovery, Demulsification & Glycol regeneration

The injection of chemical requires precision and accuracy in amount of chemical used, the pressure required and intervals of injection.

The systems are designed and fabricated by C& J Gulf Pipe Coating and TPC FZE Process Packages. Chemical injection skid typically comprises the integration of chemical tank, pump [pneumatic or electrical], valve & mechanical equipment, electrical, instrumentation & control, piping and skid structure.

We expertise in tailor made packages and skids engineered to your specifications, compliant with international standards (e.g. ASME, API, ATEX) accompanied with good engineering practices.

These units are designed to deliver clean & treated natural or associated fuel gas to the gas turbines. The fuel gas is super-heated above the hydrocarbon and water dew point. The system include : Gas Filter, Electrical or Steam Heaters Dew Point Analyzing System, Control Panels, PCL Systems.  All the required instruments for safe operation.

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