Solar Systems


Solar power is now increasingly providing cost effective solutions for electrical & heating applications. Clean, inexhaustible power of the sun now brought to you with benefits like

  • Silent , pollution free operation
  • Minimal maintenance requirement
  • Negligible operating costs

Solar power systems are offered by us to cater to a wide variety of applications like

  • Solar street lights for corporate campuses and roads lighting.
  • Solar power packs for cathodic protection, chemical injection skids, telecom base stations, telemetry equipment, battery charging etc.
  • Solar water pumping solutions.
  • Solar roof top systems for residences and corporate offices.
  • Solar farms to provide power to the grid.
  • Solar camping lights , chargers and emergency lights.

Solar water heating systems provide a viable alternative to electric heating and conserve energy by using the power of the sun. Systems offered range from the smaller systems for domestic water heating to the larger forced circulation systems for industrial water heating.

Bhatia Brothers Industrial Supplies Division  EPC group brings its superior Project management skills , technical capabilities and extensive network of offices to provide end to end solutions in the Renewable Energy field to customers.

We can provide assistance with

  • Site surveys & feasibility report preparation
  • Design, supply, installation & commissioning of systems
  • After sales service & O&M

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