Lubricants & Greases

  • Hydraulic Oils – Shell Tellus
  • Industrial gear Oils – Shell Omala
  • Heavy Duty Engine Oils – Shell Rimula
  • Passenger Car Engine Oils – Shell Helix
  • Air Compressor Oils – Shell Corena
  • Slideway Oils – Shell Tonna
  • Electrical Oils – Shell Diala
  • Greases – Shell Gadus
  • Bearing & Circulating Oils – Shell Morlina
  • Axle, Gear & Transmission Oils – Shell Spirax
  • Turbine Oils, Heat Transfer Oils, Refrigeration Oils

Pastes, Greases, Compounds, Oils, Coating, Dispersions.


Pipe Dopes & Thread Compounds, Valve Lubricants & Sealants, Drilling Lubricants, Anti-Corrosion Greases, Fluids & Coating, Open Gear, Rope & Chain Lubricants, Wireline Lubricants, Penetrating & Release Oils, Dry film Lubricants.

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