Food & Beverage

Snacks & Sweets:  Biscuits – Sweet & Salty, Roasted Peanuts, Chana Dal, Roasted Gram etc, Pappad and Vermicelli, Sweets (Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla etc)
Brands: Parle, Haldiram’s Mo’pleez

Ethnic Food : Dry Spices, Rice
Brands: Sun Island

Packaged Food: Canned Foods (Chick Peas, Green Peas, Mix Veg, Mushrooms, Baked Beans, Red Kidney Beans), Sauces & pastes
Brands: Vega Foods

Confectionary & Condiments: Dessert Mixes, Bakery Ingredients, Organic Tea, Sauces and Condiments, Sweet Choices
Brands: Wiekfield

Packaged Food: Beverages, Packed Fruits, Sauces & Condiments, Processed Vegetable
Brands: Field Fresh

Sweetener: Honey
Brands: Kashmir Apiaries

Concentrate: Lemon Syrup
Brands: Quick Lemon

Hot Beverage : Tea bags & loose
Brands: Fenjan Tea – UK

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